Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hume Park

Hume Park is one of the best parks for the whole family! Located on East Columbia just north of Braid this park features so many great things I have to be careful not to miss any of them.
This park is located below the busy street where no traffic runs at all! During the warm weather it boasts an outdoor swimming pool, that also has ping pong tables and many lawn chairs for stretching out and relaxing.

It also has a water spray park if the pool is too crowded or you just want to splash.

There is a little snack shop for sweet treats
Hume park features a soccer field and two baseball diamonds, and a paved roller hockey court. Four tennis courts, an off leash dog park, and no less then 14 picnic tables spread out among beautiful trees. A playground for little ones as well as some great adventure playgrounds for older kids.

There is also an entrance to walking trails and a ravine to explore. There are some historical placards and a totem pole. There are wash room facilities and a small school also shares this beautiful park.
This park is a true treasure in Sapperton. The first week we moved here we saw a double rainbow at this park!

Sapperton is home of many double rainbows!

Hume Park

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