Friday, July 30, 2010

Moody Park

This is one old park!
This is one of the largest parks in New Westminster. It has many amazing old trees, paths for walking and bike riding, picnic tables, a spray park, an ice rink arena
and a beautiful outdoor pool that was build just last year! (2009)
The park is located on 6th avenue and 8th street, in the heart of uptown New Westminster. It is steps from the library, grocery stores, restaurants, and shops of all sorts.

There are huge tires to climb on, like in many New West Parks. Swings, playgrounds for younger and older kids, and a public wash-room. (still under construction July 10)

Moody Park will soon be home to a unique facility, a new Youth Centre is being added to an existing seniors centre and thanks to the diligence of many New Westminster residents, it is also the winners of the Kraft Celebration grant of $25000 for the centre!
Kraft is also hosting a party here this summer to celebrate!

Moody Park is also home to Century House a place for seniors to connect and socialise.
This park truly is a treasure in the heart of the city!
Directions to Moody Park

I would also like to mention that this park's playground surface is made of small rocks! This is my personal favourite thing for a park to have. The kids can still bring a bucket and shovel sit and play in it, you won't get splinters like with wood chips, it's not slippery like sand and not used as a cat litter box. Although many modern parks have rubberised surfaces (at least this is a recycled option) I'd say stones are natural and the superior playground surface!

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