Thursday, September 24, 2009

B.C. Rivers Day 2009 - World Rivers Day -

What began 29 years ago here in British Columbia, has grown to a world wide event! This year September 27th is World Rivers Day. This year marks the fifth annual event, and plans are underway in many communities around B.C. and in dozens of other countries. People will celebrate the diversity of life in and by the river. Everything from art shows, shoreline clean up and fish enhancement projects will take place around the globe.

The 2009 Rivers Day featured river is the Fraser River, New Westminster's and B.C.'s history is deeply connected to it. From travel to fishing, industry and life grew around the shores of "The Mighty Fraser"

Living in a nation where fresh water is abundant causes us to take for grated the majesty and importance of rivers. The health of the river directly affects the environment, and is a reflection of our actions.
Educational workshops and stream restoration initiatives are taking place to inform people and help them to become stewards.

It is never too early or too late to take action.

The 2009 Rivers Day featured river is the Fraser River. One local event will beheld at The Fraser River Discovery Centre the sixth annual Artist on the River on Saturday September 26 and 27th.

Millions of people will gather at hundreds of events around the globe to raise awareness and celebrate life down by the river.

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