Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome Home!

Above, a photo of East Columbia street, main street of Sapperton, B.C. (1932 and 2008)

My family, my husband, son, daughter and myself, have just moved to Sapperton, B.C.

I was born here 34 years ago. However my family moved away before I was a year old, now for the first time I live just blocks away from where I was born, literally the hospital is two blocks away. We recently moved from downtown Vancouver. It is quite different here, quieter, and with quite a different view!

Sapperton is the oldest city in B.C. it is part of New Westminster, "The Royal City", which was named by Queen Victoria. New Westminster is regarded as a historically significant city in the history of British Columbia. It was the first capital of B.C. because of it's proximity to the Fraser river , the rich history of the Royal Engineers (commonly called Sappers) and it was a major outfitter for prospectors in the Fraser gold rush in the mid 1800's.

I am very excited to be back home so to speak, and to discover the history of this city and of this beautiful province I was born in and call home! I will be writing about life by the river as we visit local landmarks and events in town.